Charitini Rooms

On behalf of the “HARITINI” rooms to rent we would like to welcome you to Potamia, Thassos and wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Charitini Rooms are 30 meters from Skala Potamia Beach in Thassos. In an area that combines the amenities and services of a popular tourist destination and the choice for a quiet family holiday.

Charitini Rooms / Accommodation :

We have 7 rooms with kitchen (30-40 square meters) and car parking.

All rooms have WiFi, A / C, heating, a hair dryer and a 14 ′ TV. Kitchens are equipped with an oven, kettle, fridge and coffee maker.

The equipment is of course available. From the room 30 meters on foot we reach the best sea and the center of Skala Potamia Thassos.

In addition, our excellent outdoor space allows you to prepare your own meals. We have a specially designed space available free of charge to prepare your own meals and enjoy the beauty of nature. In addition, a specially designed space is available to accommodate children.

Phone :

+30 2593061187
+30 2593031186
+30 2593031186

Web site :

E – mail :


Charitini Rooms to Let


The island of Thassos is located in Northern Greece, just off the coast of Eastern Macedonia. Its coastline reaches 115 km and its surface stretches to 378.84 sq. M. A distance of 18 nautical miles separates it from Kavala. Administratively, Thassos belongs to the Prefecture of Kavala and is one of its provinces.

Thassos is overgrown. Pine trees touch the seaside, beautify the place, cool off with their shade in the summer, and their timber is one of Thassia’s main incomes, including marble mining, tourism, oil, olives, honey, and more. a.

The whole island has wonderful and crystal clear beaches, such as Golden Beach at Skala Potamia, Golden Beach at Skala Panagia, Koinira, Paradise, Thimonia, Alyki which is considered as the island’s swimming pool, Psilios, Astris, the Coast of Potos, the Pefkari, the Port of Limenaria to Tripiti, the Atsapas in Skala Mari, the Coast of Kallirachi, the Coast of Sotira, the Coast of Alsilyl (Dasylio) in Skala Prinou, Skala Rachoni, Pa. Pope Port, Glyfada and the city of Thassos the Agios Vasilios Coast and the beach (settlement) in east side of town. Also Nysteri and Glykadi (2-3 km from Limenas). Each beach has its own wonderful scenery.

This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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