Dedis Appartments

Dedis Appartments is a high aesthetic hotel unit in the „diamond Toroneo Bay“, N. Marmaras Sithonia Halkidikis.

Amphitheatrically built, N. Marmaras reveals its brilliance from sunrise to sunset, giving the sea an infinite amount of playgrounds in front of it, combining the magic of an island and the amenities of an inland area. You walk to the picturesque harbor, the chapel above the sea and visit the Folklore Museum in the traditional settlement of the Parthenon.

Enjoy visits to archaeological sites within walking distance of N. Marmara, such as ancient Olynthus, ancient Toroni and Tristinica, or take part in sports and hiking trips.

TheDedis Appartments is a unique holiday destination that exceeds your expectations!

The small bay with crystal clear water is just steps from the hotel and is a small, heavenly paradise.

The comfortable and fully equipped rooms with elegant décor reflect our love for detail. The exterior of the hotel is meticulously designed to relax and soothe you.

Enjoy the sun and the blue sea. Here nature is waiting for you at its best! The green of the trees, the white of the sand and the endless blue of the waves in perfect harmony with man!

Relax on the terrace or on the deck, enjoying moments of peace and tranquility!

Here the desire meets the dream and the holidays become a truly unprecedented experience …

Accommodation in Dedis Appartments

The Dedis Appartments consist of one-room and two-room fully equipped rooms and a suite!

Respecting the value of the hospitality and attention to detail, we created a chic environment where all spaces are characterized by clean lines and light mood.

Comfortable, bright and functional, all rooms come with a kitchen, air conditioning, wireless internet, a balcony or terrace with sea views and offer a pleasant and relaxing stay.

The little cove in front of the hotel is literally on your feet!

In addition, there is a car park and special provision for disabled guests with an elevator.

The perfect service and welcoming environment are ready to welcome you!

See photos from our places …

Contact Person: Joanna Ded

Contact: +302375072661

Web site :

E – mail :

Adress: New Marmaras Sithonia Halkidiki TK. 63081

Map :,23.776528,701m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=sr-RS

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